Focus Groups:
Consider our camerman-operated service for more interesting market research recordings. This also includes greater attention to the recording equipment and on-site back-up equipment, which means less chance of a recording failure. Tighter visuals on respondents / participants greatly increases the impact and value of this style of market research. Close-ups of useful and interesting excerpts enhance the quality of the finished report / project (versus a static wide shot from a stationary camera).

Conference Meeting Videographer Portland, OR
Conference Video Production Portland, OR

We offer a variety of audio options including multiple boundary / table, wireless handheld and lapel microphones. Our recording options include HD (MP4) and DVD with audio (MP3) recording. Our services start at $545.00, for a two-hour group with three table microphones and DVD recording. Additional services for live audio / video web streaming* start at $150.00, and options include secure password-protected log-in, chatroom, and archive file-hosting. Utilizing hotel conference rooms or other multi-use facilities, our on-site service offers an experienced video operator / camera-person who can travel anywhere, either by car or plane. Our equipment is proven reliable in a variety of locations and situations.We offer closed-circuit, adjacent room viewing with 32″ or 42″ monitors with an audio amplifier and speakers. Again, we can webcast* live audio / video and archive the program for later viewing. Our service can even include an experienced and courteous host for your participants, who doubles as your audio / video technician. Hosting services are an additional $100.00.

Seminars & Conferences:
For this type of event KTVA Productions offers unobtrusive camera placement (single or multiple high-definition cameras and live mixing), multiple wireless microphones options, auxiliary accent lighting, and DVD and high-definition (HD) recording. We offer high-resolution (HD) input mixing for inclusion of computer (PowerPoint) presentations, live video and audio web streaming* and / or file conversion for internet distribution.

Special Events:
We can live video stream* shareholder meetings, presentations, training, new product releases and updates, celebrations and more to viewers around the world! Reduce travel costs and share your message to a broader audience with this truly green option! Please click here for more information!

*Live video and audio web streaming services based upon availability and quality of a high-speed connection with sufficient bandwidth.*
Terms: 50% deposit, 50% upon delivery of media. Click here to contact us today!