Reaching your target audience can be stressful and confusing.  Effective marketing can only be executed through the use of multiple tactics and mediums.  21st century marketing and advertising relies heavily on the use of video production.


Videos can be incorporated into websites, social media, and search engines.  The opportunities are endless for marketers and business owners. It is estimated that Facebook users watch over 100 million hours of Facebook videos each day! Why not your video?


KTVA Productions helps businesses produce videos suitable for all forms of marketing and on-line advertising. There’s never been a better time to start utilizing video marketing.


The time to start is NOW!


Showcase Your Story – Video Marketing

Do your potential customers fully understand your business?

Would you like to start a relationship with prospective customers before initial communication?


Consider today to:

Invite and inform potential clients;

engage your audience with beautiful visuals and storytelling;

share valuable information with the public;

promote products and services;

capture your clients’ testimonials;

produce videos that captivate your target audience;

deliver your message through video marketing and advertising.


Portland is home to businesses of all sorts.  Restaurants, technology, professional services, retail and on-line shopping, automotive services, engineering, construction, maintenance and more, and they all have a different story to tell, they all have a different message to convey.  When a customer is choosing between you and your competitors, they are more likely to choose a brand with which they feel more comfortable.  A video adds depth and warmth to your brand and a professionally-produced video separates your company from the rest.  Video marketing is for ALL businesses. Moving further into the age of technology, video marketing has never been more essential to your success.

Today, decide to distinguish your business from your competitors!


Corporate Training Videos – Demonstration and Consistency

Employees are the heart of every business. When team members are not trained properly or perhaps receive inconsistent messaging and training, the resulting frustration and morale issues can plague productivity and quality.  It can be the downfall of any organization! Your company may benefit from a well-structured video program for new hire onboarding and uniform, on-going corporate training.  Why?  Because businesses run better with uniformity and consistency.

Video helps by:

bringing new hires up-to-speed more quickly and successfully;

demonstrating proper technique thereby saving time and materials;

creating and maintaining uniformity for improved quality;

helping educate for better policy and culture understanding;

boosting employee success rate helps your team achieve greatness!


Produced by Experts

With over 30 years of experience we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards and expectations. We keep up with technology advancements and utilize industry-standard equipment.

You are in great hands! We have helped businesses in many different industries with corporate training videos. We would love to help your business excel! Please call us today at 503.659.4417.

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Bonneville Power Administration

“You did a great job! Can’t wait to work with you again.”

JAE Oregon

“We are very pleased and will be doing more with you.”

Loaves & Fishes Centers

“I can’t thank you enough for your time and considerable talent.”

Louis Dreyfus Commodities. LLC

“Its been a pleasure working with you.”