Slideshow or photo montage presentations on DVD or MP4 are perfect for wedding rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, receptions, birthdays, graduations, retirement parties, reunions and memorial services. A great way to RELIVE THE MEMORY!® and celebrate the lives and accomplishments of loved ones.

Each photo is digitally captured, color-corrected, individually framed for the elements of greatest interest and retouched as required. This time consuming work creates a vastly superior presentation. Motion is added to photographs, creating another dimension of value and enjoyment. You will find lower prices elsewhere, but you will not find anyone who pays more attention to your images. We recognize how important your project is. We understand that you spent a lot of time finding the appropriate photos, slides and mementos and that you thoughtfully organized each item to tell an important story. We take the extra effort to make it “just right.”

To get started, estimate 6 seconds per image for a soft 2-second dissolve from scene to scene.This equates to 10 images per minute. A general guideline is to limit the final show to around 7 to 10 minutes. Faster pacing of 4 seconds per image (with a 1-second dissolve) will permit 150 photos in 10 minutes.

The costs are $50.00 for set-up charge and $3.00 per image. The service includes a DVD or MP4 (on your portable storage device), a title page and inclusion of full-length selections of music, either that you provide or from our production library. Editing together short segments of music that you provide is charged at $70.00/hour and additional graphics pages are $5.00 each.

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