My Epson R300 printer is a great device and has worked well for many years, printing many DVDs and photos. Imagine my concern when I began to receive the message, “Service Required, parts at end of life.”

After searching the web it appears to be a waste-ink counter.  I cleaned the waste ink pads and downloaded the SSC Service Utility but was unable to get much further. So I tried pressing different combinations of buttons on the printer and success!

Press and hold “stop,” “maintenance” and “power” buttons for about 10 seconds.  It did make a pretty horrendous noise, then a message came on the screen saying that the counter is reset and to turn “off” (so I pulled the plug). 

That’s it!  I turned my printer back “on” and all works fine again.

I hope this helps R300 owners!   Perhaps it will work for others as well!