Rick PhillipsRick Phillips purchased a basic advertising channel business in 1987. Advancing the concept and range of programming, KTVA-Milwaukie-Ch.3 became a well-known resource, serving the citizens of Milwaukie, Oregon via the cable television system. Rick found that providing 24 / 7 weather and recreation information, mixed with local advertising, and even a weekly, live, viewer phone-in show evolved into a worthwhile endeavor. As time went on, Rick was called upon to document special events, primarily wedding days, also proving to be rewarding. When broadcasting ceased in 1989, Rick examined the focus of his efforts. He continued to produce projects for corporate clients, and understanding the long-term value and importance of preserving special events via the magic of videotape, owner Rick Phillips continued to offer this service as well.

“I began my career in video when CCDs were just beginning to replace Plumbicon tubes. Back then I used VHS and 3/4” U-Matic tape, transitioning to S-VHS and BetaCam, then digital videotape (DV) and computerized editing, High Defintion Video on SD cards and now 4k Ultra High Definition. Yet two things remain constant, my commitment to customer satisfaction, and getting “the shot”. Nowadays, I work on a variety of marketing and training projects for companies large and small, and even as a freelance cameraman for programming presented on MSNBC, CNN, The Travel Channel and The Learning Channel, among others.”

He credits success to his faith, the support of his family, friends and colleagues, networking with related industry professionals, and of course, his loyal customers!

Winner of several national awards, including two Telly Awards, Rick was a long-time member, and thrice served on the Board of Directors, of the Association of Catering and Event Professionals. He served on the executive committee of the Portland chapter of the International Television Association (ITVA / MCA-I) for ten years, including chapter President in 2000-2001, and was awarded the Pilot’s Award on June 16, 2001. KTVA Productions is a long-time member of the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA).

Rick is a Notary Public, an ordained Minister and has a  LinkedIn profile.

On December 3, 2003, the Oregon State Film and Video Office’s Executive Director, Veronica Rinard, presented Rick with the Industry Leader Award for the video he produced to help promote both the passage of Senate Bill 79, the Oregon Production Investment Fund, and continued funding for the Oregon State Film and Video Office.

Thirty-two years after being amazed and fascinated by the technology of video (“It was the magic kingdom!”), Rick continues to marvel at the advances in image capture and manipulation, video and audio acquisition and editing equipment, and quite frankly, the opportunity to make a living doing something he loves.